Intensify Your Training at ClubMX

Mission Statement: We inspire and develop authentic, disciplined leaders who leave their mark on ClubMX, in the race community and in their future careers.

ClubMX is a full-service motocross facility with over a decade of experience that goes beyond the standard motocross training. Its training program is structured and regiment with a staff that includes motocross and supercross specialist, nutritionist, fitness coaches, sport psychologist and a sports Doctor.

The facility has 8 national caliber motocross, supercross and arena cross tracks, cable wake board park, mountain bike trails, basketball, volleyball, fishing and swimming dock set across 200- acres. Amenities include a full-service Pro Shop with mechanics, cafeteria, fitness center, laundry mat, clubhouse with wifi and chapel.

Enroll in our full-time training program

Our training and practice facility has been helping MX riders sharpen their skills for more than a decade. When you participate in our full-time ClubMX training program, you'll be able to take advantage of...

  • Personalized programs. We create unique riding, fitness and nutrition programs for all of our riders.
  • Professional coaching. Each rider will participate in group training with up to six other riders.
  • Open riding opportunities. Practice on your own and improve your skills with our open ride times.
  • Riding camps. Spend your weekends improving both your physical and mental strength.

You have to put in the work to be the best. Find out more about our full-time training program by calling 843-623-3409 today.