PIT Bikes- Can be used for transportation only, no pit riding. No pit bikes after training is completed. Idle speed at all times to and from the tracks and within parking and pit areas.

No Trespassing- Anyone inside the facility without the proper pass and signage will be considered trespassing and will be treated as such and will be subject to banned from future admittance to ClubMX. No family member, friend or mechanic may ride at any time without first registering with the office.

If you choose to ride, you are riding at your own risk and accepting all responsibility.
Parents and guardians are responsible at all times for their children. Parents are responsible for ensuring their children follow the track rules.

You will be riding with riders of different skill levels , experience and speed. You will be riding at high speeds or with other high speed riders. If you are not comfortable or unsure of your capability, do not ride.

You are responsible for carrying your own insurance. If you do not have insurance, do not ride.

Helmets- All riders are required to wear a DOT approved helmet with appropriate straps.
All riders must wear appropriate, approved protective gear, including, but not limited to: Motocross boots, pants and jersey, knee pads or braces, goggles and gloves. ClubMX highly recommends that you wear a chest protector.

No family member, friend, mechanic, spectator or photographer may enter the track area at any time. Anyone who violates this rule will be asked to leave immediately.

Do NOT dump oil, gas, solvent, gray or black water on the ground. It is illegal to dump on the ground and if caught, you will in violation of Federal and State EPA laws.
Only enter the tracks from designated areas. Riding the track against normal traffic flow is prohibited. Cutting across the track is prohibited. No stopping on the track is permitted at any time. If you have an issue, safely push your bike off the track immediately.
ClubMX staff reserve the right to ask you to exit the track if you present a danger to yourself or others while riding.

All riders must sign-in each day before practicing on any track at the complex where the public is allowed to practice.

No riders are allowed to consume illegal drugs or alcohol prior to riding on any tracks at ClubMX facility/complex.

Riding on neighboring property is strictly prohibited.
You are responsible for cleaning up all garbage in the parking area prior to departure.
All non-riders shall remain off the active track while there are riders on it. Non-riders will only be allowed on the track after all riders have been notified to stop riding.
Professional photographers are allowed in designated areas on the track, but are not allowed within 10 feet of the active track while there are riders on it.

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