The front track is a fast yet technical pro-national caliber track. This track is designed to meet the standard set by today's pro national tracks and top amateur national tracks. The soil is a perfect blend of sand and clay that ruts up deep in sections, berms up big in others, and stays hard-packed in the rest. It includes every type of obstacle that can be seen at today's national tracks. This track is kept in race conditions which are always rutted, whooped, and rough. Sections are changed weekly and this track gets completely redesigned on a regular basis. Starting gates also connect to this track, including separate concrete gates giving our riders all the practice tools needed for starting. Lap times on this track average 2:20-2:40. Club members see 3-4 complete new designs throughout the year, something no other facilities can match!


The back track is a long GP-style sand track that is guaranteed to be one of the roughest, most physically demanding tracks in the nation. This track is kept rough, rutted and whooped 7 days a week. Because this track's soil consists of pure sand, it has an amazing ability to hold water which gives us the ability to keep our riders riding all week no matter what mother nature throws our way. It is a completely different type of track from our front track which gives our riders the ability to switch between tracks and vary their training routine. The lap times for this track average 2:00+ minutes.


Across the road from the training facility, on the side of a hill rest the ClubMX Practice Facility MX track. It is designed for all levels of riders, to simulate a amateur style race track such as Loretta Lynn's. This track averages lap times 1:45+, and is rotated into our training sessions typically once per week for our amateur level members. Members have the ability to use this track on the weekends or any open practice days

Corner & Figure 8

Various corner tracks around the property. Prepped and redesigned to work on different techniques.


Top SX is a soft red sand/clay mix with a design that gives us a high speed racey track. This loose soil offers us the ability to create the exact soil compaction that we want to prepare for rutted tracks on the eastern series while also allowing us to be able to ride after large amounts of rain.


Bottom SX track is a hard clay, totally opposite to our top sx track. This is a tighter and more technical layout, that is reversed and changed on a regular basis. This track is used to prepare for the hard packed races that are seen throughout the supercross series such as western rounds, and Monster Cup.


Pro spec track of the AMA Pro Arenacross series.